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NSPIRE'ing Times Coming Very Soon
Will You Be Ready?
Multifamily Properties / Housing Choice Voucher - Oct 1, 2023
  • MF & HCV will start inspections later in 2023 after PHA's inspection commences.

Will You Be Ready?

  • Assess impact on your organization
    • Staff
    • Training & Certification
    • Software Changes
    • Equipment
    • Unit Turnovers/Unit Entry
    • Annual Inspections
      • In-house
      • Outsourcing
    • Conducting Pre-NSPIRE Inspections
    • REAC online submittals (REAC software)
      • Submit annual inspections: WO per unit
      • Exigent safety & health
  • Create Implementation Plan (Action, Timing, Budget)
  • Monitor REAC final rule making
  • Participate in Industry Groups
  • Share Resources
  • Create User Groups
  • Execute Implementation Plan
  • Host Initial REAC Inspection
  • Appeal REAC Results
  • Provide Experience Feedback
  • Adjust Plan as Required
    • Change Materials/Workmanship
    • Revise software
    • Train Staff
Major Changes to REAC
Don't sweat - REAC
Get PRE-NSPIRE'd instead©

How Can APC Help?

APC's NSPIRE Services
  • Pre-NSPIRE Inspection
  • NSPIRE Annual Inspections
  • NSPIRE Training Needs Assessment
    • Online Training
    • In-Person Training
    • NSPIRE Mgmt Training
    • NSPIRE Staff Training
    • NSPIRE Inspector Certification
  • NSPIRE Conference Speaker
  • NSPIRE Inspection Software
  • NSPIRE Appeals
  • NSPIRE Consulting
  • NSPIRE Consultant
Establish operational standards today to ensure you are ready for the most serious NSPIRE inspection items. Incorporate a quick check policy into your operating functions of Unit visits, work orders, turnovers and annual inspections.
Scan the QR code to get your free NSPIRE Unit checklist to be NSPIRE REAC Ready Every Day.

Converting Annual Inspections From HQS to UPCS

On October 24, 2000, in Federal Register Notices 65 FR 4280 & 4497, HUD announced the requirements for Public Housing Agencies to start using the new inspection protocol, Uniform Physical Condition Standard (UPCS), within 30 days... (based on fiscal year end (FYE) date)

HUD Public Software
HUD Public Software
Physical Inspector's Field Guide
Physical Inspector's Field Guide
What is the New Inspection Protocol?

As a major paradigm shift in the assessment of public housing, HUD REAC inspects to this new protocol. They expect housing management to meet the protocol requirements by performing their own annual inspections to the new protocol.

As transition from HQS to UPCS, the UPCS inspection protocol assesses 61 items divided into 5 inspectable areas. Each inspectable area has several items with specified defects to identify levels of damage (severity.) Each item has a pre-defined value for its importance to housing (criticality) and a nominal weight. From the values of severity, criticality, and weight, a score is calculated. Thus, UPCS results in a graded system versus the old pass/fail system of HQS. Other inspection activities such as house-keeping maintenance or local code are not included in the UPCS protocol and must be considered separately.