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HQS Inspections


The HQS inspection results are reported using the HUD Form 52580 or Form 52580-A. Form 52580 is the basis for this guide. Inspectors using Form 52580-A should possess a working knowledge of Form 52580 requirements. Form 52580 can be used for four (4) types of inspections. They are:

Initial/Move-in Inspection:
This inspection is normally completed prior to approval of a leasing agreement. It provides information about the housing unit or housing complex for the Housing Authority, the tenant, and the owner of the property. It captures the condition of a unit prior to a tenant moving in. Click here for the HQS Move-in Inspection Checklist.

Annual Inspection:
This is a yearly picture of a unit's condition. It ensures tenants are complying with their responsibilities of the program. It also allows the HA to see if the owner is maintaining the property in a safe, healthy condition. Click here for the HUD Form 52580 & HUD Form 52580-A.

Special Inspection:
This is an inspection conducted when there is a complaint about a property. The complaint can originate from anyone of the three parties involved.

Closure Inspection:
This is an inspection at the termination of a lease. It must capture the condition of the property when the tenant moved out. If there is evidence of damage caused by the tenant you must provide adequate detail to support your findings.

American Property Consultants, Inc. (APC) completes ALL of the inspections listed above and has successfully managed the inspections of numerous Housing Agencies.