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ENERGY STAR Home Program

APC has joined with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to offer energy-efficient home construction in Southern Maryland through the ENERGY STAR Home Program. APC has been working with the EPA since 1997.

In 2006, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized and awarded American Property Consultants, Inc. an Outstanding Achievement Award for rating more than 50 ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

Under ENERGY STAR, APC will work with you and your builders to ensure that homes are built to strict energy efficient standards using cutting edge technology, EnGauge Software with experienced and knowledgeable inspectors to walk you through each step. An ENERGY STAR Home is built to use 30% less energy than a home built to the standards of the current national Model Energy Code. This applies for heating, cooling, and water heating. For a fee, APC will perform a pre-inspection, final inspection which includes the Blower Door Test, and with a passing score the home can be certified. Once these steps are completed, the home receives a nationally recognized rating that certifies it as an ENERGY STAR Home.

Although quality construction does cost a few dollars more, the modest increase in the up-front price is offset by energy savings throughout the many years to come. For example, if the additional features of an ENERGY STAR Home amounted to $2,500, this would add approximately $15 to your monthly mortgage. However, the home could save as much as $35 per month on energy bills. This covers the additional cost of $15 per month plus puts $20 per month back into your pocket.

The purchaser of an ENERGY STAR Home is eligible for an ENERGY STAR mortgage. Discounts and incentives offered by participating mortgage providers and lenders include reduction of loan origination fees, discounted interest rates, and even cash back at closing. Ask your mortgage lender for more information regarding this program.

Together, YOU, the ENERGY STAR Home Program and APC will work as a team to help protect our national resources resulting in energy savings for today, tomorrow, and future generations.

ENERGY STAR for Homes Outstanding Achievement Award for American Property Consultants, Inc.


For more information, please contact APC at 1-800-272-7134 or visit EPA's ENERGY STAR Web site.