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Conducting Energy Audits - Technical Approach

APC proposes to conduct energy Inspections in accordance with the HUD requirements as defined by federal Register Notice 24 CFR Part 965, Subpart C Energy Audits and Energy Conservation Measures.

The actual energy audit and physical needs assessment will be prepared to conform the strict requirements as prescribed in 24 CFR Part 965, NJAC 17:27, HUD handbook 7485.2 and as outlined in the RFP.

APC intends to conduct the proposed scope of work in three separate phases

  1. Site Visit
  2. Energy Audit and Physical Needs Assessment
  3. Report Development

Our approach to the data gathering will be both quantitative and qualitative:

ECM's will be determined on a per development basis. A cost and simple payback period will be calculated and recommendations on the economic feasibility of the selected ECM's and their implementation will be provided.

The calculation procedure leads to an approximation of what the individual ECM/ECO will save. The payback period is calculated by dividing the cost of implementing the ECM by the annual cost savings.

The cost effectiveness of an ECM is determined by the payback period.

A preliminary report outlining our findings will be provided for initial review. The report will summarize the existing conditions of the buildings and dwelling(s), the condition of the utility infrastructure and support system of each development.