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HQS Inspections

Prince George's County Government Redevelopment Authority
Pathway to Purchase Program

The Prince George's County Government Redevelopment Authority has teamed with American Property Consultants to complete Housing Quality Standard (HQS) Inspections for the Pathway to Purchase Program. The homes considered for purchase in these programs must pass a HQS inspection before they can be purchased.

For more information about the Pathway to Purchase Program call: (301) 883-5456

As part of the application process an HQS inspection must be completed on the dwelling unit and the unit must pass inspection.

If you are ready to begin the HQS process and schedule an inspection the following must be submitted via email pathwayapc@gmail.com or fax 410-586-1234.

After receiving these three items: 1. HQS inspection request form; 2. move in checklist; 3. payment, APC will make initial contact with the contact person within 2 business days to schedule an inspection. The inspection will not be completed until it is confirmed that the unit is ready for inspection, all paper work and payments are received and ALL utilities are turned on.

APC will complete the inspection within seven (7) business days once the unit is confirmed ready to inspect. The inspection results will be provided to the buyer/applicant and contact person. The results will be reported using the HUD Form 52580. The buyer/applicant is responsible for providing the inspection results to the other parties in the transaction including but not limited to the Redevelopment Authority Pathway to Purchase coordinator, loan processor, and agents.

If the unit fails inspection, the buyer/applicant must purchase a Failed Reinspection and contact APC via email to schedule a failed re-inspection once ALL of the items are repaired. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer/applicant and owner/seller to ensure that they are within the Redevelopment Authorities Pathway to Purchase Program timeline.

Full Initial Inspection $139.00 Click to Add to Cart
Failed Re-Inspection $65.00 Click to Add to Cart
Unit Not Ready/No Access $139.00 * Click to Add to Cart
Loan Program Conversion Request $65.00 Click to Add to Cart

* In the event that the unit is not ready for inspection or the seller/owner do not provide access to the unit a processing fee of $139.00 will be charged. APC will make every attempt to access the unit. APC will contact the owner/seller before leaving the site to verify the entry code information. If the owner/seller is unable to provide access or arrive within ten (10) minutes the inspection will be rescheduled to a second date. Before rescheduling will occur the Full Initial Inspection Fee MUST be paid.

Once entry is gained the inspection results will not be released until all payment is received. Under no circumstances will a refund be issued once the inspection has been scheduled.

For more information about the Pathway to Purchase Program visit: http://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/

All questions on the Pathway to Purchase Program not related to the HQS inspection should be referred to: SVDixon@co.pg.md.us